Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Celebrate Pirate style!

Ahoy mateys! I'm hoping you all took time out to acknowledge that most festive of days, September 19th. No, it's not Secretaries Day --- as if. It's Talk like a Pirate day. And as a card carrying descendent of the dark side of British seamanship (according to family legend, that is), this is a day near and dear to my heart.

Other wacky observances to be found in September are:

Turn off your TV week --September 20-26 (ironically, this is also the week that most major TV shows are premiering this year)

September 20-26 is also National Clean Hands week, National Singles Week, National Tolkien Week, and Build a Better Image Week . Not sure whether the Clean Hands are supposed to be promoting using Purell, or politicians trying to keep a squeeky clean image("I never had sex with that man/woman/goat, honest!) However, that goes hand in hand with the Build a better image week, I guess, so anything goes.

So for those wanting to ensure you celebrate properly, scrub your hands thoroughly, create an on-line dating profile (singles)with a photoshopped pic of yourself (better image) swearing that you think that JRR is da bomb (Tolkien). Who knows, you just might get a lasting relationship out of it.

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